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Privacy Glass - glass apps 174 switchable glass and film was developed to add many degrees of functionality to your glass energize your glass by adding glass apps 174 smart film and smart glass transforming your existing glass or new glass into a dynamic glass that allows users to control privacy ir heat light and glare couple it with other applications and clear glass is transparent and offers a low level of privacy and allows a clear view through the glass into and out of the home designs with a medium level of privacy are achieved through binations of clear and opaque glass in the design and offer partial obscurity opaque or highly textured glass with its high level of privacy allows numerous variations of privacy switchable glass can be supplied including colour tinted fire rated double glazed curved and shaped privacy glass smartglass international is renowned for manufacturing a variety of switchable.
glass products that are highly functional and easy to use we manufacture and supply a wide range of electronically tinted windows and privacy glass are used on automobiles for various purposes for instance the darker shade both tinted windows and privacy glass provide give more privacy when you are inside your vehicle plus they help dissipate the heat outside making your car s interior cooler and helping your air conditioning run more efficiently the politically correct way to say myob switchlite from pulp studio go from public to full privacy with a flip of a switch now certified to sgcc etl and ul standards smart films international sfi is a developer and manufacturer of glass innovative products mainly used in the architecture and automotive industries the privacy glass installation on display showcases a large glass window to one of our meeting rooms which can be e obscured.
at the touch of a button a member of our showroom team can demonstrate how privacy glass works and discuss how privacy glass can be best utilised within your project we encourage architects and designers to e and p div class b factrow b twofr div class b vlist2col ul li div location the courtyard showroom raans road amersham hp6 6jq buckinghamshire div li ul ul ul div div div li polytronix inc film and glass division are the leading manufacturers of polyvision smart film and glass imagine glass so smart it can regulate ambient temperature within a room as the hot summer sun heats the glass outside it tints on its own to limit the solar energy passing through it cooling the temperature inside the room without needing curtains or shades smart tint 174 switchable film applies to any new or existing glass allowing instant control from clear to frosted private with the click of a switch.
dim it trim it project on it blocks 99 uv easy to install smart cling self adhesive technology is available in 7 colors and is the next generation in switchable privacy glass film
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