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Point Type Ignition Wiring Schematic - span class news dt feb 26 2015 span nbsp 0183 32 breaker point ignition systems were until the advent of electronic ignition systems used on millions of engines from the engines powering rum runners of the 1930s to all those jeeps in world war ii all of them had breaker point ignition systems the ignition coil contains two separate coils of wire arranged concentrically one inside the other the outer primary coil 1 is made up of around 200 turns of thick wire whilst the inner secondary coil 2 prises of around 20 000 turns of much thinner wire span class news dt apr 22 2006 span nbsp 0183 32 a breaker point ignition system is capable of producing between 20 000 and 30 000 volts of electrical pressure there is very little actual current flow an electronic ignition system uses a transistor to turn on and off primary power transistors are electronic switches that either work or don t they don.
t just deteriorate in use electronic systems are capable of producing up to 45 000 volts and for battery ignition to work the wire on the battery condenser capacitor must be connected to the negative post on the battery type ignition coil and the body of the condenser capacitor must be grounded to the engine therefore if the condenser capacitor is separate from the ignition points it ignition points are a set of electrical contacts that switch the coil on and off at the proper time the points are opened and closed by the mechanical action of the distributor shaft lobes pushing on them the points have a tough job switching up to eight s of the basics point type ignition when the points close current begins flowing thru the coil primary this current flow mag izes the coil core which acts as a concentrator storing mag ic energy as the core be es more mag ized mag ic field lines called flux.
spread out and envelop the windings a short course on ignition systems by charles ofria one circuit runs through a resistor in order to step down the voltage about 15 in order to protect the points from premature wear the other circuit sends full battery voltage to the coil the only time this circuit is used is during cranking
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